Diagnosis of your hair

Your hair has caused you trouble for some time; you've already experienced treatments that have not gave satisfactory results. What you need now is a custom solution, based on a complete evaluation done by a professional who will seriously listen to your problem. This is what you will find at the Norgil hair clinic of Trois-Rivières. During your consultation about an hour, our specialist will firstly talk with you to understand your hair problem.

Equipement for diagnosis

Using our equipment to the cutting-edge of the technology in the field, he will also do various tests to improve the diagnosis of your hair. These tests,  that he will choose according to your specific case may be: an analysis of the bulbs, hair densitometry mapping or the calculation of the thickness of the hair.

With this complete diagnosis, the specialist of Trois-Rivieres can explain the causes of your hair problem. He will also select the most appropriate treatment with you, which is a guarantee of success. Do not postpone your visit especially if you ntice any important hair problem, you might end up with an irreversible situation.

Your consultation with the hair clinic of Trois-Rivières should give you renewed motivation and trust, two keys of success for your treatment. If you ask, our experts can also determine objectively the degree of importance you give to your hair.