Hair care products

If you are looking for the best hair care products, come see us at the Norgil clinic of Trois-Rivières. We have a range of treatments to prevent baldness and restore the vitality of your hair. Among them, the Concentrate 5-Alpharegulator 9E rebalance the action of hair follicles as well as the enzyme "5 alpha reductase" and allows to extend the life of the cycle of hair.

Another hair care product that occupies a special place in capillary clinic of Trois-Rivières is l’Aliment de Vie du Cheveu, available in tablet form. This care product is ideal for particularly lifeless hair or when significant seborrhea occur. Thanks to their plants and other natural active elements, the tablets Aliment de Vie du Cheveu give to the hair its shine and softness while protecting against baldness.

Various other hair care products available at the hair loss clinic of Trois-Rivières include concentrates and shampoos, as well as TRIOXINATOR program and Alpharegul capsules. This product has a place among our various care services. In laboratory tests, the Alpharegul capsules have indeed demonstrated efficacy of 88% with respect to the prevention of hair loss. It is also the first care product against baldness that present undeniable results in the forehead and top of the head