Progressive integration of hair

At the Norgil hair expert center of Trois-Rivières, we have approaches at the cutting-edge of the technology  to solve the problems of baldness. The progressive integration of hair is the most recent of these innovative techniques, born out of research of the world's leading experts. It is an approach giving highly esthetic results and, done ​​gradually, allows your metamorphosis goes smoothly with your friends.
When you choose the gradual integration of hair, you get a completely natural hair, fixed without node to a  thin basis that is the same thickness as the skin. The specialist of hair of Trois-Rivières attach a  thin membrane to your scalp to make a whole completely merged look, the hair thus obtained shows no discernible difference with real hair, both to the eye and when you touch it. At the third step of this process, you get haircut in the desired style. Thereafter, you return every month to get  the necessary care for your hair integration and a new desired hairstyle. The whole treatment is completely painless and safe.

To get gradual changes, only some hair can be integrated into the base during your first visit, the quantities of hair is then increased by appointment after appointment  to the desired thickness. With the gradual integration of the capillary hair done at the capillary center of Trois-Rivières, you can enjoy a perfect hairstyle while still having the ability to change his look at will, from month to month.