Substitutes to natural hair for men

For men suffering from baldness, the hair clinic of Trois-Rivières, has, among other, substitutes to natural hair. With this technique among the most recent and revolutionary known, the men affected by baldness, can retrieve their real hair. This approach, also called "hair contact" gives a thickness ranging from mild to moderate.

Pellicle of natural hair

The pellicle on which are located human hair that are completely natural is extremely thin and totally invisible to the eye, witch let see the scalp. You can ask the hair expert of Trois-Rivières, that will treat you, to get a clear haircut. Best of all is that you will be able to get a hairstyle that place your hair on the back of your head while the integration won't be visible. Indeed, the hairline on the forehead has an authentic look that is totally confused with your actual real hair.

Specialist of the substitute integration

At the hair clinic of Trois-Rivières, the specialist you meet will explain in detail the approach of the natural hair substitute for men. He will also show you that the quality products used to implement these natural progressive hair replacement are solely those of the Norgil recognized brand. As you'll get the best equipment as well as better care, the hair that will result from this substitute integration will be pleasant to the touch and very natural appearance, regardless of the hairstyle you want. When you will slide your hands through your progressive hair replacement, you'll feel like before while you still had your own natural hair!