Alternative to hair transplantation for women

If you are a woman suffering from alopecia, giving your hair a scattered appearance, you will find the best alternative to hair transplant at the Norgil Capillary center of Trois-Rivières. The capillary solution "Volum'contact" is indeed a hair replacement technique providing a more natural result.

Light and natural alternative

This is thanks to the extremely thin base in which are located the real hair.  under this alternative to transplantation seems so genuine. The fineness and lightness of the mesh structure as the mix of replacement hair with existing hair give a natural movement to the hair. In addition, the hairline on the forehead has the same appearance than real one.

Long-term hair alternative

Moreover, this alternative to hair transplant offered to women at our Trois-Rivières capillary clinic is performed only with products and equipment recognized Norgil. Alternative hair come from Norgil centers and receive treatment that preserves them for a long time. These cares give to hair replacement provide a natural look at any time of day.

Feel free to visit us at capillary center of Trois-Rivières. You will be happy to finally have an alternative to hair transplant suitable for women, allowing you to get hair with the volume you've always wanted without your entourage knows the secret!