Implant on the scalp

The implant on the scalp that is offered to the Norgil clinic of hair experts at Trois-Rivières is based on a new approach, follicular grafts. The aesthetic results of this technique are much higher than traditional methods. In addition, the number of visits required is much lower. Thus, for implantation in an area of ​​regular size (equivalent to the palm of the hand), you only need a single session, as opposed to 3 or 4 with traditional approaches. Indeed, our specialists can use up to 3000 grafts per session, which provides a very adequate density.

Implant of follicular units

The hair does not grow individually but in groups of 2 or 3 follicular units. It is a high-power microscope that allows our specialists of Trois-Rivières to see invisible hair to naked eye. They can implant, on your scalp, more grafts in each session, up to 30% of hair growing from the sampling region. This approach reduces power losses and damage to the follicles. The Dense Packing, another technique allows the transplantation of more than 40 follicular units per square centimeter, it gives a density of more than 100 hairs on the recipient area in a single session of implantation.